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    Discussion Global versus China

    The AliPay QR code appears in English, now that I changed the Mi Band 4 to English, using the Notify & Fitness application. But, the NFC payment only works with AliPay, not other payment methods.
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    Tutorial How to check Hardware Variants (Mili_cinco / Mi Band 4 / Mi Smart Band 4) of the Mi Band 4

    I own a Mi Band 4, which I bought as a Chinese version on AliExpress. On the application Notify & Fitness for Mi Band, v8.9.5, I see that my band hardware revision is: v0.25.129.5. Moreover, the latest firmware installed is the v1.0.5.22. But, I think it is the China NFC version, as I have the...
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    Discussion Xiaomi Mi Band 4 strap

    Yes, I can confirm that the straps are the same for the Mi Band 3 and Mi Band 4. Right now, I have my Mi Band 4 (China version with NFC) placed on the official Xiaomi Blue Strap for Mi Band 3.
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    Discussion Global versus China

    I confirm this. I own the China NFC version.
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    News Official Straps for Mi Band 3

    I prefer Black for everyday use. But I am waiting for the Red/Orange one, for going swimming and just informal occasions. I also purchased a leather one, in Black and Brown, for more formal situations, but I am waiting to see if the quality is on pair, as it is unofficial.
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    Tutorial How to Install Firmware via GadgetBridge

    Hello, Everytime I flash a new firmware, right after, Mi Band gets stuck in "Connecting to phone" state. I have tried to disconnect from GadgetBridge app, and reconnect, but without sucess. Usually, I have to unpair and unistall GadgetBridge to solve it. If I don't, I also am not able to use...
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    FW Mod Portuguese Firmware

    Obrigado! Thank you for your dedication in translating from English / Chinese into Portuguese from Portugal. I will keep an eye on this project. Cheers!
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    FW Mod English Firmware

    Thank you for your hard work and dedication. I will use English from here on my Mi Band 3 from now on. Cheers!
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    Resources v37

    Thank you for your hard work! Cheers.