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    FW Stable Firmware | Mi Band 3 NFC

    It came a new Firmware. It's now on
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    Weekly new custom Resources! - I will make your Resources!

    Pip-boy Theme please
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    Question Pipboy Theme Transition

    Hi, can someone create a Mi Band Res File out of the Pip-Boy Theme für Mi Band 4? Link for the Mi Band 4 Pip-Boy Theme: Pip-Boy Theme V60 | Xiaomi Mi Band 4 | GeekDoing I tried it myself, but the Watchface App just give me the log file.
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    FW Mod Firmwares | Mi Band 3 NFC | Spanish, Turkish, Thai...

    It is just a Typo. The File is for NFC
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    APP Stable Mi Fit 4.0.0

    On Ios there are no Ads
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    FW Stable Firmware | Mi band 3 NFC

    Now we have to wait for new Custom Firmware! It's in Chinese again :cry: