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    Tutorial miband4 watchface tools

    Please use the software I share. They have 2 versions, a shortened version, a full version. The bin files will change depending on the quality you choose. Can you send me via your bin file, I think I will help For language issues, all bin files are currently only available in two languages for...
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    Tutorial miband4 watchface tools

    You can download some watch faces here: Fresh - Mi Band 4 | Amazfit WatchFaces catalog and use this to customize it again : MiBandWFTool - Amazfit Watch faces forum The watch face theme is just a bin file. It is a collection of multiple images and a json file to locate them. You can change the...
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    RES Slovak Resources v96 MB4

    I want to create a resource for my country. how to do?
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    Question Change language of Mi band 4 via iOS

    International Firmware for Mi Band 4 | Xiaomi Mi Band 4 | GeekDoing I don't know if you have to install the firmware (in fact, I never had to install the firmware because it already exists). But I try to use amaztool, it can still turn to Italian (I'm not sure it's Italian)