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  1. Irfan902

    RES Glow UI

    :) Glow UI :) I'm not responsible for bricked device Previews Credit: @Irfan902
  2. Irfan902

    RES Pure UI V1

    🔹 🔷🔹 Pure UI🔹🔷🔹 Note: I just help @kindyear to post this resource. All credits goes to him. Previews ( the images are provided by me) Note: I didn't put original link since BandBBS is...
  3. Irfan902

    Watchfaces PUBG Transition Watchface

    PUBG Transition Watchface Add transtition effect like Honor Band 4 to your Mi Band 4 Download PUBG Transition Watchface Credit Irfan902 A.K.A Anonymous902 on BandBBS
  4. Irfan902

    RES Mi Band 4 Theme 2.0 | v49

    Hi, In the last poll, mi band 4 theme wins the poll. So, here it is. I hope you like it. This resource will be updated in the future Mi Band 4 Theme Turn your MB3 into a Mi Band 4 😎 Compatible with Xiaomi Mi Band 3 Non-NFC and NFC version Previews: Notifications Heart Rate More Silent...
  5. Irfan902

    Review Xiaomi Mi Band 4 VS Honor Band 5

    Honor Band 5 vs Mi Band 4: Full Specs Comparison At the launch event of the Honor 9X and Honor 9X Pro, the Chinese company also unveiled new Honor Band 5. The successor to Honor Band 4 carries various new advancements, including the ability to measure the blood oxygen level. It is an incremental...
  6. Irfan902

    RES PUBG UI 3.0

    🔸PUBG UI 3.0🔸 Compatible with Xiaomi Mi Band 3 Non-NFC Firmware ⚠Warning: Flashing firmware alongside resource is necessary. My firmware is already tested. So, I'm not responsible if you bricked your device. Changelog: Firmware Changelog: -English set as default...
  7. Irfan902

    Tutorial How to make Dynamic Watchface

    The principle of dynamic watchface: multiple static map rotation, means you have multiple static images, not directly put gif. Tools: 1. This unpacking and press tool[6-24 update] 米环4 custom dial tool amazfitbiptools_mi4_0-0-2- Support dynamic...
  8. Irfan902

    Question Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Screen Cracked

    Hi, I just bought Mi Band 4 a few days ago. Well, it doesn't last long before the screen cracked. So, here's the story, I put my band on the door compartment in my car (there's a place to put items there). When I open the door, I totally forgot about the band. So, it falls to the ground and I...
  9. Irfan902

    RES Rounded UI

    :) Rounded UI :) Use it with firmware v2.4.0.12 or (NFC) only! I don't responsible if you damaged your device Previews If you found any bug, please report it in the comment section below...
  10. Irfan902

    Question Mi Band 4 Resources and Watchfaces

    I just want to ask if the resource and watchface file is separated? Does that mean we have to edit the file one by one? And how to decompile the resource and watchface? :unsure:
  11. Irfan902

    News Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Chip

    Mi Band 4 likely to use Huami’s RISC-based Huangshan No.1 Chip Xiaomi’s best selling Mi Band series is getting a new update tomorrow i.e. June 11. Before its official release, we have got some exciting news about the processor that powers the new Mi Band 4. Huami’s CEO, Wang Huang has just...
  12. Irfan902

    News New teaser poster for Xiaomi Mi Band 4

    Our latest glimpse ahead of next week The Xiaomi Mi Band 4 is set to be unveiled next week at an event in China, and the Founder of the company has just shared a teaser image of what we can expect to see. It's the first time we've officially been able to see the full band in marketing...
  13. Irfan902

    RES PUBG UI 2.1

    💣PUBG UI 2.1💣 Updated 10 June 2019 -fixed some bug -steps icon changed Compatible with: Mi Band 3 Firmware Mi Band 3 NFC Firmware I'm not responsible if you bricked your band or your band didn't work anymore If you found any bug or problem...
  14. Irfan902

    RES Remix Stylish Resource 3.0

    Hi, I am Irfan902. Since Xiaomi has released a new update for Mi Band 3, I also released a new update for Remix Stylish Resource. I have updated it to the latest version which is v49. I hope you like it. Note: Flash only with firmware version (Non NFC). I don't responsible if...
  15. Irfan902

    RES PUBG UI 1.0

    Hi, This is my third resource which is PUBG UI. This resource is based on the popular game Players' Unknown Battleground. I hope you like my resource. This resource is compatible with firmware v2.3.0.28. I'm not responsible if you bricked your device. Do it on your own risk. Change Log...
  16. Irfan902

    Question Weather forecast

    Hi, I just sync my band with app to update the weather. It updates the weather. But it seems says on the band clear sky but it is showing thunderstorm icon.. Next day forecast is also clear sky and it displays its usual icon. So, I've been wondering if this was a firmware bug. Here's a...
  17. Irfan902

    RES Remix Stylish Resource 2.0

    Hi, this is my second resources and I hope you like it. I have updated it to v47. COMPATIBLE WITH FIRMWARE VERSION ( MB3) I'm not responsible if you bricked your device. What's new: -Updated to v47 New steps icon New watch face New watch face New Heart Rate Animation ( less...
  18. Irfan902

    Question Firmware v [SOLVED]

    Can I install resources v46 on my mi band 3 ? Firmware version [Edit] I try to download the Mi Fit apk and discover the apk. I found mili_wuhan res file. So, I've been thinking if that was the v47 resource file. I haven't edited yet. Here's the file...
  19. Irfan902

    News Xiaomi Mi Band 4 images offer a first glimpse of the upcoming fitness tracker

    Earlier today, DroidShout reported that the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 passed through Taiwan’s NCC certification agency. Thanks to the visit, we now have a first look at the unannounced fitness tracker. Based on the images, the Mi Band 4 doesn’t look all that dissimilar to the Mi Band 3. There’s nothing...
  20. Irfan902

    RES Remix Stylish Resources 1.0 ( UPDATED v49)

    Hi, I am irfan902 and this is my first resource I create by combining all stylish looking resources together. I also edited some icons. I already test it on my MB3 version and its working perfectly. These are the icons that I have edited: Watch Face 1 Notifications icon (Alan Walker)...