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    Watchfaces [1st-Ver1] ColorFull PAC-Man Watch Skin by Madridii

    I present to you my First Fully designed Watch Skin :) This Skin Inspired by PAC-Man game Here you go There is no Chinese Weekday all PNGs are in English. Download: HERE! And if you dont know how to use it please follow this video I uploaded to YouTube IMPORTANT: you must download skin...
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    Discussion First attempts (need more moddifications)

    Hello all, I tried to edit watch face for Attack on Titan, Coordinates changed ... I will make more moddifications for colors and size Any suggestions?
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    RES Digital Numbers and Apps Icons v44 Resources [V2]

    Mi Band 3 | Firmware ! Mi Band 3 NFC | & Firmware ! (I'm not responsible for brick or other problems...) I designed digital numbers for one screen on photoshop and tested it on my mi band3, it is nice! Big thanks to @MagicalUnicorn for guide. Try it on your band. I will...
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    Discussion Arabic MiBand3 with English Phone.

    Hello All, I found solution to view notifications in Arabic on mi band 3 with English phone. First you must update your band to original FW, then use notify and fitness app and in tools tab set language of band in Arabic. You must unpair band from mi fit and use notify and fitness app...
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    Question Any help from developer?

    Hello, I am new here with new mi band3, I want just 2 languages in FW can any developer help me to develop one? I need Arabic support + English support in caller id and notifications. (My phone) is used English language not Arabic. I tried fw, Arabic is working just when my phone set to...