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    RES English UTF-8 Resources v88 MB4

    It means you have the CN version. You need to unpair the band, uninstall mi fit, install the modded mi fit, update the firmware for international fonts, unpair the band, uninstall the modded mi fit, install the official mi fit, update the firmware again to 55, then apply this resource.
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    Question My mi band 4 is dying!

    Yeah, it works great now, 1% after 20 hours. Try to disable heartbeat during sleep. Maybe during sleep the watch is touching you and waking up.
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    Question My mi band 4 is dying!

    I had this problem, I tried disabling everything and doing a factory reset but it didn't help. What fixed it for me was flashing the custom firmware, now it's been 8 hours with only 1% discharge. (CN version)
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    FW Mod International Firmware for Mi Band 4

    Is it possible to create a resource file for French with translations in English? I want to have the Mi Band in English and see notifications in Arabic (LTR), English, Greek, Hebrew (LTR), Russian.