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    Tutorial (Video) How to flash custom resource files MB4

    Video: Forum Post by MagicalUnicorn: Mi Band 4 - How to flash Firmware/Resources/Font
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    Review (Forum/Video) Xiaomi Mijia LCD Blackboard 2019 Review

    Xiaomi Mijia LCD Blackboard AliExpress Link GeekDoing AliExpress Store Home This review will cover the Xiaomi Mijia LCD Blackboard which GeekDoing generously sent me from the new AliExpress store! I have the 13.5 inch version for the review, but there is a smaller 10 inch model available as...
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    Review Mijia Night Lights 2 2019 Review

    Mijia Night Lights 2 GeekDoing AliExpress Store GeekDoing AliExpress Store Home Thank you so much to GeekDoing for sending me these lights from the new AliExpress Store. It is a really great place to find all the latest Xiaomi and Mijia products and more are being added all the time! The new...
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    Review (Video/Text) New Mi Band 4 Straps Review (Avengers and Metal Straps)

    Mi Band 3/4 Avengers Straps Link: GeekDoing Mall Mi Band 4 Metal Straps Link: AliExpress Trusted Store I was kindly sent the avengers straps for the Mi Band 3/4 from the GeekDoing mall. They can be ordered individually but if you like the colours you could get all three for a complete...
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    Xiaomi (Video) Redmi Note 6 Pro Custom ROMs Overview

    These ROMs are all available for the Redmi Note 6 Pro but perhaps it will be informative for users of other devices with a similar set of ROMs available to them as well!
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    Tutorial (Text/Video) How to Change Languages Separately From System Language

    This is a quick guide and video on how to change your Mi Band 4's language to any of the supported languages on the band without relying on the system language to be set. This allows you to have your phone language in an unsupported language, and still use the band with any of the languages...
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    Review (Forum/Video) Mi Band 4 [Global Version] Review

    GeekDoing Mall - Mi Band 4 Link AliExpress Trusted Store - Mi Band 4 Link The Box: From the start the experience is premium. The box looks great and the attention to detail comes from the shiny coloured detailing on the 4 and the feature labels at the sides. Inside you immediately find...
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    Review Mi Bags (10L Version) - Small Backpacks (Blue and Orange)

    Not a tech product, but a product for your tech products ;) I recently received two of the Mi 10L backpacks; Dark Blue and Orange. The bags are really well priced and come in a huge variety of colours. I went with Blue for everyday use and Orange for a brighter alternative. From the front...
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    News Mijia/ Mi Band 4 Live Event - Products Announced

    New Mijia Pens Pack of 10: First up we have some new Mijia pens coming in at 10 CNY for 10 pieces. AI Deep Learning / English (and 31 other) Language teaching device and app: After that we have been shown the new AI deep learning teaching assistant. The device it show cases on is a Chinese...
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    News (Live Stream Links added) Who's gonna be watching the Mi Band 4 (and other) release event tomorrow!?

    Watch here: YouTube Mi Band 4 & Mijia Intelligent New Products Launch China Or here: Xiaomi Mi Band 4 LIVE Launch Event From China | Xiaomi Product Launch Event Weibo: 新浪手机的微博直播 Who's gonna be doing a time limbo and watching the release event tomorrow like me (7am here when it starts)?! The...
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    Review Xiaomi Mijia Smart Bluetooth Hydrometer Thermometer Clock Review

    This review covers the main features of the Mijia Smart Bluetooth Hydrometer Thermometer Clock (or as I like to call it; Smart Clock). The device is used to measure the present home environment by monitoring the temperature and humidity, all displayed on the clear display on device and collected...
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    Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro - Custom ROM Flashing (SyberiaOS)

    Here is a guide video I have made on flashing custom ROMs on the Redmi Note 6 Pro. It assumes you already have TWRP installed (maybe I can make a guide on this later). I used SyberiaOS as an example because I love this ROM and think it is a great example of an AOSP ROM for all users...
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    Review Xiaofang vs Yi home IP security cameras (YouTube)

    Hi all, I've actually already done some videos for YouTube, one inspired by this forum actually (my mi band resources flashing video)! So I thought I would share my video of my comparison / review of the two security cameras I have. Both are by Xiaomi, one is Mija and one is their Yi brand...