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    RES Stylish Theme 2.0 for MI Band 3

    Hello guyzz! I am back with my second resouce which is an upgraded version of the 1st one... This one looks more cooler and modern.. I have taken icons from other MI BAND 3 themes too, so thanks to all the geekdoing creators 😉 The about section of this theme contains the 2020 calender...
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    Question Emojis for Mi band 3

    Is there any possible way in which I can get emojis on mi band 3??
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    RES Sylish theme for Mi band 3

    Heyy guyss!!This is my first theme and is edited from many themes,so thanks to all geekdoing creators for it😊👏... Tested it on hankou version (About section contains pics from sarraf's Harry Potter theme (I am a potterhead) But you can change it as you like... Warning:I am not...
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    Question Mi band 3 About Section

    Plz help me, I have a hankou version of MB 3 and I am not getting the pictures in the about section... Only getting one image