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    FW Mod Bulgarian Firmware

    The latest firmware must be Is it good to change the version in the firmware or to wait for an update of the custom firmware?
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    Question miband 3 unbrick

    example: just do some research, because i am not sure if it si fridge or refrigerator for your purpose
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    Question miband 3 unbrick

    I'm not kidding about the fridge
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    News Official Straps for Mi Band 3

    Voted for the Blue one, but i like them all :)
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    Discussion An option to hide notification text

    Hi, guys. I am posting this here and I need your support if you Believe that we must have an option to hide Notification text: It will be great if you vote on this Poll: Do we need an option to hide notification text? - Mi Band 3 - Xiaomi MIUI Official Forum | Thank you in...
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    Question miband 3 unbrick

    Try to put the band in the refrigerator for a night. Also try to charge the bamd before and after that
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    FW Mod Italian Firmware

    Question - English firmware with chinese weather |
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    Question After upgrade to "" it is written "Open the application ..."

    Unpair the band from the phone and search for it again
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    Question Mi Fit 3.4.2 new Mi Band 3 firmware v1.2.0.8

    Change the phone language to English and you will have english translation on the band
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    FW Mod English Firmware

    It works just how I like it. Thank you
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    FW Mod English Firmware

    I've install it. Date format is mm/dd
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    FW Mod English Firmware

    Anyone test it? I wanna know if the function for silent mode is there. Also what is the format of date;
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    Translation Project Firmware Translation

  14. suffer

    Translation Project Firmware Translation

    Nice job, mate. How do you extract the strings from Hex to XML? in Bulgarian:
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    Q: How many versions of Mi Band 3 are available for purchase? A: Only 1. Without NFC function. Version: 2018DP1565. Only Chinese language out of the box