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  1. Bomayla

    Question Is this Mi Band 5????

    I bought it from Mi Store China,when I connect it to Mi Fit,it have name Cinco-S (It's a troll 🙃)
  2. Bomayla

    Question Hey+ theme for mi band 4

    Can anyone make hey plus theme for mi band 4?????
  3. Bomayla

    Samsung One UI Theme

    😜 ONE UI 😜 I'm not responsible for bricked device Requirements:Mi band 4 fw How to install: Open N&F app (Mi Fit required) 2. Make sure the band is connected with Mi Fit in the background 3. Go to settings, and click on Update Firmware 4. Click Custom Firmware 5. Choose the file 6...
  4. Bomayla

    Watchfaces Casio GW-M5600 Watchface

    Today,I will share you guys a new watchfaces ;) Discover it by your self,okay????????? P/S:Help me make it to dd/mm CASIO-GW-M5600.bin (Source:BandBBS)
  5. Bomayla

    Watchfaces mi band 2 watch Face for mi band 4

    This is the world of mi band So,I will bring you a quality watchface😉 So,ejnoy (Download the first one to get format with date,second one to get no date) (P/S:There are some error, I will bug fix later)
  6. Bomayla

    Watchfaces Hey+ watchface for Mi Band 4

    Hello everyone!Today is a special day,today I will bring you guys a HEY+ WATCHFACE for mi band 4.This watchface is from a friend of my on . It look exactly like Hey+.So....enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;) You can download it at mine post or come to this...
  7. Bomayla

    Tutorial English for MB4

    Guide to using Miband 4 language English while still using your language on Android. 1. Install the Notify and Fitness app. I buy Pro so don't know if there's no Free, you see support yourself. 2. Tap Settings, select Mi Band...