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    Tutorial Mi Band 5 - How to modify Watchfaces files

    Hello. I have such a problem with compiling the watch face, my folder with pictures weighs less than 88 KB (without preview) and with the previews it weighs 147 KB and the program claims that the files really weigh 920 kb.
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    Discussion Mi Band 5 | Original Firmwares/Resources/Fonts

    Hello, I have a band 5 CN without Alexa and without NFC with software version V1.0.2.46 with resources v98 and I have a question what files would I have to choose to upload the beta soft I am interested in the latest soft beta and the question is whether I can downgrade it you don't like...
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    FT Mod Mi Band 4/5 - Custom Font v2 | Emoticons

    This not working @tomini Polish letters not displayed propety sorry my english