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    Question How to not brick mi band 4?

    Hello I want to make recourses for the mi band 4 but incorrect recourses can brick the mi band. can anyone tell me what is safe and what will brick the mi band and if there is some kind of mi band simulator which can preview the recourses how it will look and the mi band after flashing and can...
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    Question Animated watchface using up a lot of battery

    Hello I had made a among hs watchface which i was using and it is using alot of battery. I charged my mi band 4 to 100% yesterday around 10 am and now the battery is at 60%. why is this happening and is there a way to fix it? my battery normally lasts around 14 days.
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    Watchfaces Among us watchface

    Here's a among us watchface I made. Credits: the numbers and icons I used in this watchface are from monkeyangie and she has used them in many of her watchface's. Here's a link to her profile: Monkeyangie's profile. I tried to contact her through personal message but she didn't respond so I...
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    Question error while packing watchface using wf_builder

    Hello I am receiving a error when I try to pack my watchface using wf_editor. you can see the error in the following video error here's the log file MiBand4WatchfaceTools_packed.log.txt how can I fix this?
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    Question Will Xiaomi add mi band 5 features to mi band 4 in the future?

    Mi band 5 adds features such as pai, breathing exercises and customisable watch faces with widgets. All these features can be added to mi band 4 with a firmware update. My question is that will Xiaomi add these features to the mi band 4. Has Xiaomi done this with its previos mi bands?