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    FT Mod Mi Band 5 | Custom bigger font for Vietnamese and More languages

    Custom Font | Mi Band 4/5 Emoticons HD & Bigger Vietnamse, Turkish and Czech characters. (At your own risk... We aren't responsible for bricked devices) The alphabet characters and the Vietnamese, Turkish, Czech special characters are bigger than the characters in original font. Previews...
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    Discussion Miband 4 Non NFC Chinese Version Newest Firmware, resources and font

    This firmware, res, font was downloaded from server to mifit firmware folder (IOS). Miband 4 Non NFC Chinese version. This is only for analyze the structure of firm, res and font (please don't install them to miband 4 by any other software). Firmware Mili_cinco_1.0.5.10.fw Res 51...
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    News MiFit 3.4.4 with new firmware for Mi Band 3

    New firmware and res version 35 are out with Mifit 3.4.4 Please don't update until Kirill update firmware for all supported languages here.
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    Question How to increase display time of message on the screen?

    Hi everyone! When message was received on miband 3. The time that message display on the screen is too short (4 sec I think), so we couldn't read it when we're driving. How to increase display time to 6 or 10 seconds? Can we change some bytes in the firmware to do it? On the other hand, can we...