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    Watchfaces [Pangu][DIAL][V2] Mi Band 6 watchface

    weather on watchface does not work on mi band 4. the ones on amazfit watchfaces do notmreally work. they have put this feature so it looks good and they are waiting for a firmware update which will let them make it.
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    Watchfaces OnePlus Band Watchfaces | MB4

    If you start making a new theme, I suggest you to initially make it for the mi band 5 and port it to the mi band 4 later after you complete it. there arent too many good themes for the mi band 5.
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    Tutorial ONLINE MB4 Resource pack/unpack

    the tool works using magical unicorns tool only to pack and unpack resources, so I dont think there is problem. maybe try to pack it again or maybe download magical unicorns exe tool and try to pack using that? btw you can try to unpack the resulting resources to check if it is correct?
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    RES Among Us Theme [UPDATED 4/12] [v0.3] [v97/v96]

    I have not checked. if they are not png 8 they will cause brick.
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    RES Among Us Theme [UPDATED 4/12] [v0.3] [v97/v96]

    check if these are png 8 before puting them in resourses
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    RES Among Us Theme [UPDATED 4/12] [v0.3] [v97/v96]

    try changing it to png image and then convert the png int png 8.
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    RES Among Us Theme [UPDATED 4/12] [v0.3] [v97/v96]

    When will you start working?? its been 20 days. i am waiting for next update. pls start soon.
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    RES Galaxy Watch 3 (One UI 2.5) Beta theme for Mi band 4 v93 to v97

    how? you can change colour of the text using the droplet button but when we insert link the link colour change to default light blue.
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    RES Galaxy Watch 3 (One UI 2.5) Beta theme for Mi band 4 v93 to v97

    I think you should focus on your exams. They are more important. You can work on this theme later.
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    Tutorial Mi Band 4 - How to modify Watchfaces files

    no there are no specific dimensions for the images. you just have to make sure that your entire watchface will fir in 120 by 240 pixels so you should keep images small. you can use any program such as krita photoshop or ms paint.
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    Question How to create number png for a custom watch face?

    you have to draw all the numbers or you can use numbers from someone elses watchfaces by asking for thier permission and giving them credits.
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    Question Are Mi Band 5 firmwares signed?

    Why do you need to edit the firmware??
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    Question Are Mi Band 5 firmwares signed?

    I really didnt understand anything you said maybe you could explain it to me? No i did not try to reverse engineer the firmware(I dont know how to. i tried looking for a tutorial but could not find. I just know programming in java, python, C# for unity, arduino, and am learning cpp and am NOT...
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    Question Are Mi Band 5 firmwares signed?

    yes, mi band 5 uses same microprocessor as mi band 4 and its firmware is also signed in same way as mi band 4. if we are able to find way to modify mi band 4 firmware, we will be able to modify mi band 5 firmware also using same method.