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  1. papercore

    RES MixedOS for Hey+ SmartBand

  2. papercore

    MixedOS Beta [Wuhan / V49]

    time Beta Edition Changelog - Mi Band 3 Edition Launched
  3. papercore

    RES [EOL] MixedOS - V96 Resource for Mi Band 4

    MixedOS's support is ended. We'll rather go further to MixedWear Theme, Which patches font and firmware. Available soon for MB 2,MB 3, MB 4, MB 5, Amazfit Band 5, MB 6(Includes NFC).
  4. papercore

    Question How do you get stock mi band resources?

    I have resource file dumped but I don't know how to export icons out there. Due to sign called "O~" it is not possible. Any solutions?