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Jul 4, 2018
To maximise efficiency of our small team and improve our community,
we kindly ask for following few rules.

Write only in English.
We don't speak all languages, we can't help you if we don't understand you (We know that everyone isn't bilingual, but make an effort please. In the worst case, use Google Translate).
Other languages than English are exceptionally allowed in threads about a specific language, like Czech Firmware or Hebrew Resources threads.

Read other posts, threads and FAQ before asking for help. Many questions have been already answered.

Don't spam in Custom Resources/Firmware threads by asking many times and in each thread for an update when a new Official Resources/Firmware version is released. Furthermore, please read previous posts and don't ask what's already asked.

Put the pictures in "Spoiler" or post the pictures thumbnails for better mobile navigation.

★ Like for posts, the only language allowed is English.

★ For a Custom Firmware/Font/Resources/Watchface thread, this one must contain:
Preview pictures
(It can be real pictures, part of Resources pictures, Watchfaces gif preview, ...).
Credits if all isn't from you.
Download link.
Tutorial : All to create a proper thread.

Custom Resources threads not maintained up to date will be closed after some official updates, then archived. If after a long time you update a old Custom Resources to latest version, please contact a moderator/administrator for thread be reopened.

Before create a Q&A thread, please verify if there isn't one Q&A thread with same ask as your.

Bans & Warns
Steal identity/work : Definitive ban.

★ Spam (send useless posts in all threads, ask many time in not related threads, ...) :
1. Warns by moderator/administrator.
2. One week ban.
3. A last warn by moderator/administrator.
4. Definitive ban.
By the way, steps can be shortened.

Offensive posts : Same as spam.

Second account : Use of second account to up your threads and/or increase your likes numbers will result by a definitive ban of the primary account.

GeekDoing Online Store is our Official mall (If you have any ask please contact @Carl , the mall is from him).

★ When there is an Official Application/Resources/... update, please be patient for Custom Application/Resources/... threads be updated by their authors. Don't forget all shared here is for free and do on our free time.

Important threads are sticked, in the most case there is what you need in one of them.

Request donations and sell Firmwares, Resources, ... isn't allowed (GeekDoing is a community where all is shared for free and for pleasure).

★ If you have an idea, a problem or a suggestion, you can contact us :
@Kirill Administrator.
@AEbby Moderator.

@Carl Moderator.
@MagicalUnicorn Moderator.

:) The rules are simple, please respect them :)
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