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Feb 11, 2019
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This review will cover the Xiaomi Mijia LCD Blackboard which GeekDoing generously sent me from the new AliExpress store!

I have the 13.5 inch version for the review, but there is a smaller 10 inch model available as well which would be slightly smaller offering potentially more portability. I was more interested in showcasing the features of the tablet on the bigger model.

The box looks great as usual for Xiaomi / Mijia products and it wasn’t damaged in the shipping process so bonus points for a solid box from Xiaomi in the nice sleek minimalist design they usually provide.

The screen is matt black and the writing comes out as a nice green/blue colour so altogether the design of the LCD blackboard has a nice colour pallet and is visually pleasing to use and read from.

Being matt gives the screen an advantage as there is some texture feedback as your write with the pen on the screen, and it also slightly reduces the reflections from the screen in bright lights so it reads better than a glossy screen.

Since the screen is wiped with a single button placed on the front bottom of the blackboard there is a locking function to prevent accidental screen wiping. On the right hand lower side of the blackboard is a small toggle switch to lock and unlock the screen. When locked, the screen cannot be wiped so nothing can be lost with an accidental press, but this doesn’t stop you from writing on the screen so notes might be written over. This should be easily avoided and so the lock function is really useful for avoiding accidental loss of notes of drawings as you are using the blackboard.

When you need to wipe the screen just change the switch back to unlocked and the button works again.

The blackboard does have pressure sensitivity so you can write in thin lines and in bold depending on how much pressure you apply when writing or drawing. This is really good for making notes and conserving some space with smaller tin text, or making bold points to stand out. It also means you can get better contrast when you draw giving more details to your doodles.

I see a great benefit of the blackboard being an environmentally friendly factor as anyone who makes a lot of temporary notes or likes to practice drawings or doodle for fun will be using the blackboard instead of using lots of paper so this will reduce paper waste in the long term and hopefully for people who get through a lot of paper you might save some money.

Video Review:

Xiaomi Mijia LCD Blackboard AliExpress Link

GeekDoing AliExpress Store Home
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Jul 4, 2018
I didn't think there was pressure sensitivity ^^.

By the way, really good review, like always ;).

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