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Aug 29, 2018
GadgetBridge 0.68.0
Jul 26
, 2022

Gadgetbridge is an Android (4.4+) application which will allow you to use your Pebble, Mi Band, Amazfit Bit and HPlus device (and more) without the vendor's closed source application and without the need to create an account and transmit any of your data to the vendor's servers.
Version Name: 0.68.0
Version Code: 213
Published on: Jul 26, 2022

What's new
  • Multi device support (experimental), allows connecting to multiple devices simultaneously.
  • Fossil Hybrid HR: Allow installation of newer watch apps.
  • Fossil Hybrid HR: Allow workout app the be added as a shortcut.
  • Fossil Hybrid HR: Generate watchface preview image and show it in the app manager.
  • Fossil Hybrid HR: Request custom menu config on watchface initialization.
  • Fossil Hybrid HR: Invert widgets color when the background image is inverted.
  • Fossil Hybrid HR: Show app versions in app manager.
  • Fossil Hybrid HR: Make 2nd TZ widget clock duration configurable and fix wrong offset.
  • Fossil Hybrid HR: Add option to share a cached watchface/app to another app.
  • Fossil Hybrid HR: Allow switching already uploaded watchfaces with Intent.
  • Mi Band 6: Fix night mode on latest firmware.
  • Mi Band 6: add sleep menu item (also to shortcuts).
  • Mi Band 5: Send GPS location to band during workout.
  • Mi Band 5: Start fitness tracking on phone when workout starts on band.
  • Mi Band 5: Fix missing Portuguese language.
  • Mi Band 5: Add missing breathing shortcut.
  • Mi Band 4: Add password support.
  • Huami: Fix setting heart rate measurement interval on connection.
  • Huami: Fix track name being replaced by album.
  • Huami: Display native alarm notification.
  • Huami: Fix MTU update on device connection.
  • Roidmi 3: Recognize "Roidmi C BLE" as Roidmi 3.
  • Bangle.js fix message REPLY option.
  • Bangle.js: Keep a log of data sent from the watch, and allow it to be saved with from the debug menu.
  • Bangle.js: Support for color dithered bitmaps, and converting emoji->bitmaps.
  • Bangle.js: Adding built-in app-loader view. (Only available on internet-enabled builds).
  • Bangle.js: fix null pointer issue for debug messages.
  • Bangle.js: Enable calendar sync for bangle.
  • Bangle.js: Add icon.
  • Pebble: fix configuration of some watchfaces (might break other again).
  • FitPro: add MTU based chunking, add more device names (Sunset 6, Watch7).
  • UM25: fix missing firmware version.
  • Support for incoming call notification delay.
  • Make calendar blacklist configurable per device.
  • Support folders in device list.
  • Separate device settings which are specific to the application into Set preferences in device card.
  • When pairing devices with auth key requirements, only show Auth key menu related items on long press.
  • Provide access to the FW/App Installer via Set preferences in device card.
  • Animate card movement in device list.
  • Make transliteration configurable per-language.
  • Widget: do not show sleep if not recorded.
  • Pop up a dialog asking about Location permissions.
  • Fix sharing log files on newer android versions.
  • Allow to set Bluetooth discovery scanning level to prevent freezing.
  • Various UI tweaks and fixes.
  • Add monochrome themed icon.
  • Add device menu item to get to the FW/App Installer via an explanation activity.

Additional Information
★ Website : Gadgetbridge for android.
★ Official Blog : Freeyourgadget blog.
★ Wiki : GadgetBridge Wiki - Home
● MB3 Wiki : Mi Band 3
● MB4 Wiki : Mi Band 4
● MB5 Wiki : Mi Band 5
● AB5 Wiki : Amazfit Band 5
(To connect and set up your Mi Band 4/5, Amazfit Band 5 with Gadgetbridge, you need paste in to Gadgetbridge a unique key for your Mi Band 4/5, Amazfit Band 5.)​
★ Codeberg Repository : Freeyourgadget/Gadgetbridge.
★ Official Changelog : Freeyourgadget/Gadgetbridge.

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