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Feb 11, 2019
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Thank you so much to GeekDoing for sending me these lights from the new AliExpress Store. It is a really great place to find all the latest Xiaomi and Mijia products and more are being added all the time!

The new Mijia night lights are really great and for such a simple design the product does more than I expected. The design is minimalist but pleasant and I can see these lights fitting into any kind of home environment and still looking good.

The lights come in the typical Mijia packaging that we all know and love. Minimalistic and stylish like their products. The full feature set of the lights is not clearly shown on the box and the information is in Chinese so it would be possible to miss the full potential of the device by looking only at the box.

The light is inside and is paired together with a magnetic base. The lights are a good size. Not so big that they take up too much space, but not so small that you would sacrifice the illumination to have a small device in the room. So the sizing is just perfect.

The stand has a sticky pad on the bottom which can be used to secure the light in any position like a wall, side of a bed, night stand, anything you can think of. This allows you to position the light on its base while the magnet holds it, but if you do need to take the light with you it can detach and become portable which is extremely useful at night.

The motion detection in the night lights is very smart. It will only activate the lights in the dark when movement is detected. In the day time or when the room is light, the nightlight will not activate and so the battery is saved. The motion detection is extremely sensitive and I have not had any issues with the lights not turning on for me which was great.

Speaking of batteries, the lights do not come with the required 3 AA batteries, but in this case I wanted to use rechargable batteries as they will last longer on a single charge and are more environmentally friendly.

The light unscrews and the inside has a battery compartment and a switch to set the brightness to full or half. So you can illuminate the entire room or set the brightness to be softer on your eyes and not disturb other people in the room.

In conclusion I would highly recommend these new Mijia night lights. They do exactly what they should do and create a better way to see at night and are better than other types of night light due to the ability to detach them from their stand and carry them around. The 360 degree positioning is very good too as it means despite being in a fixed position, the light can be directed to many more angles of the room.

Checkout the video here to see the lights in action:

Mijia Night Lights 2 GeekDoing AliExpress Store

GeekDoing AliExpress Store Home
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