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Jun 5, 2020
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Hello, I'm very exited to present you my Stock Android Theme For Mi Band 5 after a lot of work.
It's a even better reworked version of my stock Android Theme for Mi Band 4 !

Here is some pictures (sorry for the bad quality) :
I've changed nearly all the ressources of the mi band 5. For the basic menu, I have chosen typical Stock Android app icons and Google Apps. I also modified the notify icons and some weather images. I went in the details to propose you an unique Stock Android Experience on your Mi band 5 !

For the v103 update, I went a step further into the Google theme ! I changed all the visible ressources for Wear OS ressources or icons from the Google's material icon's library. I also made brand new animations for the hearth rate, the alarm, the find my phone, the different loadings, the camera shutter and the "delete notification". I even changed the smallest details like the volume or the lock icons !
You will feel like you have a real Google Watch on your wrist ! 😍

Here are some previews (you will discover the rest by yourself) :

View attachment 16071 View attachment 16069 View attachment 16072 View attachment 16073 View attachment 16075 View attachment 16076 View attachment 16077 View attachment 16078 View attachment 16070

Don't hesitate to give me your opinion on the theme and to point out any possible problems.

If you want to have this awesome theme, you have to download the file for your band below and Notify and Fitness App. Click on the file and select: Update Firmware. Then hit Start and wait.
If you have any questions, reply to this thread and I will try to answer the faster. If there is any problems or you want another version, leave a comment. And don't hesitate to press like if you like my theme, it support me ! 😉
The firmware versions are indicated in the download spoilers.

Android Theme v98:
Android Theme v102:
Android Theme v103:

You have made the good choice by choosing this theme ! ❤
Great!, just one suggestion, in the about you can add a little Android 11 or Android 10 or whichever Android version your theme is based on : )

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