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APP Stable Mi Fit 3.4.4 is out!

Hello guys! Slowly but surely Xiaomi approaches the release of the global Mi Band 3 model. At the same time, they update the current version of the bracelet. With new Mi Fit 3.4.4 more languages are supported now by default. Additionally, a lot of bugs and issues were solved. Download and test it to tell us what else have developers added to this release.

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Mi Band 3 is now Internationally Certified!

We are pleased to announce that Mi Band 3 was internationally certified by FCC (Federal Communications Commission, USA) on 22.06.2018 and was given corresponding FCC ID: 2AC8UXMSH05HM, where 2AC8U states for "Grantee" code, that is used to identify the business that created the product (Anhui Huami Information Technology Co.,Ltd. ) and XMSH05HM is the model number for Mi Band 3.

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APP Stable GadgetBridge 0.28.0 is released!

GadgetBridge has just received a new update to the 0.28.0 version. In addition to new features for Amazfit BIP and Cor, Mi Band 3 pairing was fixed in this release. Also GadgetBridge can now explicitly set the default language for MB3 (English and Spanish tested).

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Translation Project Firmware Translation for Mi Band 3

Mi Band 3 supports more languages comparing to the second generation of this device, but it still isn't satisfactory. Many translations are rough enogh and firmware supports only a few languages. That's why I decided to gather people who could contribute to the translation project of Mi Band 3 firmware by adding their native language to it. If you are interested in this project and willing to help us, we kindly invite you to our translation portal.

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