Review (Video/Text) New Mi Band 4 Straps Review (Avengers and Metal Straps)


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Feb 11, 2019
Mi Band 3/4 Avengers Straps Link: GeekDoing Mall

Mi Band 4
Metal Straps Link: AliExpress Trusted Store

I was kindly sent the avengers straps for the Mi Band 3/4 from the GeekDoing mall.

They can be ordered individually but if you like the colours you could get all three for a complete set!

The straps aren’t the original Xiaomi ones that come with the special edition of the band, but the quality is absolutely amazing for a third party strap anyway and is comparable to the official bands so I will talk about that later.

Since most of us can’t get the special edition of the Mi Band 4 this set makes a good alternative to get the avengers collection of bands or get them individually if you like one of the designs.

The colours are really awesome. The blue is deep and matches many outfits and styles. The red is watermelon red so quite bright and pops nicely with the light colour, tinted slightly orange. The black is obviously the same as the stock black colour, but of course the colour’s aren’t the main attraction of these bands as they are themed on the clasp.

Red is complimented with the Iron Man mask printed in red/orange on the clasp and it stands out despite the small size.

Blue is branded with the Captain America Star in red white and blue.

And the black band stands with the Avengers “A” logo. A great set for any Marvel fan looking to expand their collection of themed products.

The print quality of the clasp buttons is really good. After wearing the Captain America band all day I haven’t noticed any signs of wear on the print. You have to look incredibly closely at the print to see the print lines going through it so at a normal glance it shows as high resolution without blurring or fuzziness.

The quality compared to the original bands is really great. The material is slightly different of course, but the only difference that stands out to me is that the Avengers straps are slightly firmer. They don’t feel as soft as the original straps but the difference is marginal and you won’t feel the difference on your wrist. The design is otherwise quite chunky so they are nice quality compared to other third party straps I have had which are thinner than the originals.

And since we have some awesome people here the Avengers Watchface is available in the GeekDoing Forums in a post by MagicalUnicorn so go and check that out in the Mi Band 4 section!

Avengers Watchface for Mi Band 4

I was also sent a black version of the new Mi Band 4 metal strap. It is in the style of a watch link strap and is a nice alternative to the plastic style straps we usually have. It is more oriented as a smart style band rather than being used for sports so I appreciate having that option. The black colour is nice and subtle while still being mirror polished and there is also a silver colour option if you prefer that style.

There is a little extra setup needed before you can wear the band as it is a traditional watch strap type so it comes with a link removal tool. You will have to estimate how many links from the strap to remove to get the best fit for you. Better to be slightly looser than too tight. I had to remove two links, one from each side of the strap to get the best fit.

The band just pops into the top of the strap in the designated hole, similar to the plastic straps and then you can actually tighten the mechanism to hold the band in place so it won’t fall out with extra pressure on the wrist. There is a little hole at the top of the strap to just insert the link tool and pull the two sides down. It is very fiddly but possible to do and ensures the band won’t slip out at any point. It’s also comforting to see a little plastic insert where the band is pushed in and out to take the strain off of the band itself so the metal won’t damage it.

The metal strap design gives a new aesthetic to the band and some might find it isn’t as smooth as the plastic design but I think it’s better that way as the plastic and metal straps can be completely different style options for the wearer.

Mi Band 3/4 Avengers Straps Link: GeekDoing Mall

Mi Band 4 Metal Straps Link:
AliExpress Trusted Store

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