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Apr 23, 2020
This review is about the new Wyze Band. Selling for US$24.99 on Wyze website. I preordered it on April 1st, it says will start shipping in April 7th, and I received it on April 21st. Unfortunately it seems only shipping to United States.
All preorders come with a additional different type replacement strap. Band and straps only available in black and no replacement strap available for purchase for now.

Wyze Band is made by Wyze - a United States smart home devices brand - cooperates with Ryeex - who makes the Hey Plus Band. Hey Plus 2 is not announced in China. So this could potentially be the international version Hey Plus 2. And also interestingly Hey Plus Band and the Wyze Band have a lot of similar design in both physical way and the software way. It is good that Ryeex this time choose a reliable partner and take more seriously on their international version. So how is the Wyze Band actually is? Continue to reading the review!

Band&Replacement Strap&a included sticker in the box:
According to the Wyze website. The hardware specs looks pretty good:
Processor: Dual Core MCU, 100+150 MHz (Cypress PSOC6) Processor.
Screen: AMOLED Color Screen, 0.95", 120 x 240 pixel, 282 ppi.
RAM: 288KB (internal) + 8MB (external)
Storage: 16M Flash
Other: 2 x Digital Microphones with supports of Alexa, 5ATM water resistance, Bluetooth 5.0
Weight: 74 grams (I think it is with the straps on)
Battery: 120mAh

For quick comparison, Here is Mi Band 4 specs from Xiaomi website.
Screen: 0.95" AMOLED Color Screen, 120 x 240 pixel, 282 ppi.
RAM: 512KB
Storage: 16M
Battery: 135mAh
Other: 5ATM water resistance, Bluetooth 5.0

Wyze Band
Wyze band have a rectangle design with screen on the top and a light-able wake/back/Alexa button on the bottom. Two microphones on right side of the band. Charging pins and heart rate sensor on the back. With Wyze Logo below the sensor. And a FCC ID below the charging pins.

Watch faces can be customized, with 5 types of text fonts, 6 text colors, 7 background images options, and also supports select your own background image from your photo album.

Activity side it only supports running for now, and it seems won't record your outdoor running routes. It supports steps, calories, sleep, heart rate recording.
Heart rate supports Periodic Detection with 5min, 10min, 30min, 60min interval option.

Other functions includes: Raise to wake, App/text message/phone call Notifications, Find phone(pinging your phone)/find band(vibrates your band), 5 days weather forecast for 1 city, push weather forecast notifications every night, 3 levels brightness, night mode for auto lower the screen brightness in a customizable time. Screen lock with slide up to unlock.

Alexa required to be connected with your phone when using. Long press the home button wakes Alexa, even when the screen lock is on(I think it's a bug). Only text and no voice replies.
Setting timer and alarm using Alexa seems not working at all currently. Setting a timer do reply success but won't go off when time's up. Setting a alarm will reply success then says have a connection problem. Checking weather and chatting works good most of the time.
Interestingly asking Alexa the weather I can get a 7 days forecast instead of built-in 5 days forecast, also I could get more international cities weather than built-in. See international using section below for more detail.


Wyze Band comes with a clamping charger. Have two charging pins with two positioning pins beside each. Cable length is about 20cm, or about 1cm longer than Hey Plus Band Charger.

Changing straps is not that easy. You have to use your fingernail or a sharp object to remove the "pin fastener", then pull the straps out from the band. I took about 10 minutes to use my fingernail to remove the fastener and it is really tight to remove.

International using:
Weather: Band built-in weather supports 1 city with 5 day forecasts for some non-US city's weather, Fahrenheit and Celsius units support.
Using Alexa I can get 7 days weathers forecast for more countries. But only in Fahrenheit, I don't find anywhere I could change into Celsius.
built-in weather tested and supported: Madrid, Toronto.​
Alexa weather tested and supported but built-in weather don't: Moscow, Paris, London.​
Languages: No option for changing the language of the band and the app. English only for now.
Timezones: Defaults automatically sets the timezone. Or you can manually set a specific timezone. Pretty much all timezones supported. 12-hours mode only and I don't find anywhere you can sets to 24-hour mode.
Accented letters don't work really well, tested ñãéê, only é showed up correctly, ê shows weird, ñã shows squares.​
Arabic not supported, all square.​
Japanese, Chinese, Korean characters supported, no square.​
Russian supported, no square.​
Emoji: some will show as text "[emoji]", some will show square.​
For video review about Unboxing, Wyze app/band controls, Raise to wake/heart rate comparison with Apple Watch/Hey Plus Band 1:
27mins Mandarin Chinese Voice, no subtitles, English content: bilibili website
English Voice version on Youtube will be considered. But need some time to finished.
Heart rate reads really similar across Hey Plus, Apple Watch, Wyze Band, Only 3~4 bpm difference between each device.​
Raise to wake test:​
Apple Watch works 99% of the time.​
Wyze Band works half of the time, both raising arm and rotating wrist have a chance didn't wake the screen.​
Hey Plus works better than Wyze Band overall, wakes screen most of time when raising arm but less chance in rotating wrist.​
When all 3 successfully raise and wakes the screen, speed is Apple Watch > Hey Plus > Wyze Band​
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